Sunday, July 24, 2011

So, we go to market and, despite the forecast being for sunny and hot weather.... It RAINED all morning.

We don't DO markets in the rain, because it ruins our products! (plus it's miserable!)

We are sitting there, miserably watching all our products getting wetter and wetter, when a market volunteer came by and told us a funky storm cell, with high winds, might be coming in. He didn't have to tell us twice...We packed up our goods. Fortunately farmwagon was parked nearby. We couldn't leave -there's no cars allowed during market hours, so we just wandered the market getting rained on. (the storm threatened, but never appeared... But still, better safe than sorry!)

This dedicated band of street musicians moved into the parking ramp, so they could still play without getting soaked.

They had a washtub bass.... It sounded amazing!!

The market is always interesting and fun, even on miserable days :)

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Becky said...

I really liked the market, having not been there for years and years. I stocked up on cheese... three kinds of cheese. Mmm... dairy. :)