Saturday, May 19, 2007

So....the last 2 weeks we have been engaging in some MAJOR farm cleanup. Why are all farms filled with old junk, cars, stuff, cement, bricks, and just general JUNK? We rented a rolloff box....

And some major equipment, because we needed to dig up some random, huge, HUGE chunks of concrete....

and pretty much filled the rolloffbox. I'm going to be REALLY interested to see how heavy that is! but it feels good to get rid of that junk. Now we can till/plant a big area behind our barn - we'll probably just seed it to pasture for now, as we don't really need any more space for herbs at the moment. (Maggie's secret plan to get some alpacas or other fiber animals is one step closer to fuition, hee hee hee!!!)

Stu and Beaker "helped" us clean up the farm...mostly by sleeping in the shade and watching us work. They're hysterical, and growign like CRAZY. Stu (the duck, the brown fellow) is getting his real feathers in! I'll try and get a picture. He looks sorta ratty right now, pooor fellow - I bet it itches when those feathers come in!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm working on our new website and shopping cart....and I've got ALOT of help!!!