Friday, July 29, 2011

Donna's hibiscus flowers continue to go bonkers.


We distilled a gallon of REALLY nice mountain mint hydrosol today. The plants really like this hot weather, they are very pungent and potent. Cool wet weather seems to make for wimpy herbs.

I do not mess around when I harvest herbs. This is all that's left of the mountain mint plant. I promise you, it will grow back lusher, fuller, and more beautiful than ever. You can almost never cut back herbs too far.

The woody mint stems I save for my bunny. He loves them!

Donna, Maggie, and two friends shucked, cut and froze 16 dozen ears of GMO-free corn from
Our farm neighbors, Twin Girls Garden.

The yield: 33 pints corn and 8.5 quarts sopa de elote (Mexican corn soup)


Donna OShaughnessy said...

LOVE all your herb plants and can't wait for the day I will make the time to actually use mine. Your still is often on my mind

Kim said...

YUMMMMMMMMMY!! NEVER A dull moment for you girls! :)