Thursday, September 07, 2006

Whew. Here we are with a blog. how 'bout that? I've been meaning to start one for ages, and just did it. So, here goes!

We're innundated with FRUIT right now. it's the time of the year when the garden goes nuts. We're drying, distilling, gathering, harvesting, canning, and eating. I just finished the elderberries, made lots of syrup and jam. Now I'm working on grapes (we have sooooo many grapes, and they're really good this year!) and we discovered that we have a crapabble tree. Who knew? We thought it was a plum bush gone beserk until it gave us crapabbles. LOTS of crabapples. Which make wonderful jelly. I've got 3 more cases of jars and about 15 lbs of sugar. I wonder what will run out first?