Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honestly...we like to think we are pretty tough. We iowans deal with tornadoes. Thunderstorms, ice storms, and blizzards. It's over 100 in the summers at times, and below 0 in the winters. We dress accordingly, make snide comments and jokes, and mostly deal with it. But when any one particular weather pattern drags on too long, well... Some of us start to get a little narky about it.

Today it was 103, with heat index of 125. At those temps, you just sweat. You sweat indoors. You sweat in the shade. You sweat standing still. And if you try to, you know... Move around and do stuff? You're just gonna be soaked.

And the problem is... The air is so humid, the sweating doesn't actually cool your body properly. You gotta be very careful about heatstroke.

It's been super humid/hot for a couple of weeks now, and we are OVER it. And the worst part is...August isn't even here! That's when we tend to get the worst of the heat and humidity.

The garden, frankly, is loving it. We've had just enough rain at all the right times, and the plants are going all crazy and jungle-like.

This zucchini both terrifies and impresses me. It's already as big as a softball and the FLOWER IS STILL
SHOWING. Which, I'm assuming, means it grew that large in a day or two. No wonder people always have those baseball-bat sized zucchini to give away....


Becky said...

I hear ya... and don't forget how sweltering beekeeping is in this weather. I think my bee adventures for the last two days count as swim workouts. ;)

OH! Guess what I would have, if it wasn't for the SQUINNEY in my garden? All kinds of stuff.. it's eaten my three tiny watermelon, and a tiny squash. Grr. :/

Tina said...

I am even more upset that I didn't get a garden planted this year :( I managed 2 years ago, but it was such a cold summer that I didn't really grow anything and last year I had ankle surgery in April (worst timing ever). This year I was just lazy and now I am paying for it :(
I am so glad your garden is growing so well!

girlwithasword said...

no! bad squinney! bad!

Tina, that is what farmer's markets are for! i am not a great veggie gardener and rely on my CSA for 90% of my veggies!

Corinne said...

Heat is horrible here in KY and the ground is so dry in my garden that I am beginning to worry. Never water my garden just let the rain handle it, but may have to get some buckets out.

In KY we are having a bee shortage and unhealthy bee hives.