Sunday, December 27, 2009

Okay, so you already have four dogs and you get asked to "foster" another, remember, foster means no keeping. So who forgot to explain that to the dog? And from the dog's point of view, if you do not want to be a foster, what do you do? First, be kind to the elderly, second, crawl on the lap of the "foster" person, third, check out the couch for size, comfort, and fit, and finally, cuddle up on the bed of the elderly person with the smallest and most vocal of the original four. Does it work? Absolutely. Dad renamed him Buckshot, Buck for short, Monk made him his best friend and playmate, and the lap thing is a sure winner.

(yes, folks, it's official! Donna has adopted Bullet - now Buck - short for Buckshot. Also, this is Donna's first-ever blog post! yay Donna! - maggie)
The followup story will be on TV13 news, today at 5 PM. check it out! Also, John blogged the tv crew interviewing Bullet/Buck, check out his blog post!