Monday, August 22, 2011


Lest you think the farm is all pretty... Heres Maggies new raspberry patch. We got about 1/8 of it mulched before it got hot and then I let the weeds get it. Major work is required.

But! This is very exciting :) yesterday we hired a bunch of young men from the local academy to clean out the horse pen!

A squadron of wheelbarrows and shovels of pitchforks....

And now we have nice piles of straw/manure to use for mulch :)

Then -harvest time!! I harvested black eyed susans to use for dye.


LOADS of aronia berries, grown by a local friend.

The bushes are absolutely Loaded. I've never used these before so I'll
Be doing some experimenting.

Also, Andy got a haircut (thanks Donna!) so I have another bag of angora fur to spin :)

Our friend Lynn came out to harvest medicinals, with help from Donna. She got nettle, elderberries, burdock root, and here she is processing some marshmallow root. Nature provides wonderful food and medicine!