Friday, July 22, 2011

I checked on our other two hives, one located at picket fence creamery, and one at raccoon forks farm in redfield. They are both doing GREAT!

(footwear of choice of pink-haired beekeepers). By the way, donning jeans, hi-tops, a long sleeved button up shirt, hat, veil, and gloves in 97 degree heat and 115 degree heat index? Is HOT.

Swiss chard is so pretty!


The garden is loving the heat. We haven't watered ONCE during this heat wave.

Let me repeat that.

We haven't watered ONCE during this week long stretch of 95+ degree hear and heat indexes over 110 every day.

That, my friends, is the power of mulch, lasagna beds, and soil rich in organic matter.

Started harvesting a few veggies!

Ask Donna how much she likes figuring retail sales tax. Go ahead. I double dog dare you.

Making bath teas

Our rooster-that-was-supposed-to-be-a-layer started crowing yesterday. At Maggies house, in town. He was promptly relocated to a friendly farm outside of Madrid! Lucky fella... Gets to do what roosters were meant to do, with lots of lovely lady chickens!!!

A "cold front" moved through Thursday, bringing rain and temps "only" in the upper 80's yesterday. Donna and Cam took the opportunity to go puddle stomping. (note Cam's foot attire....cracks me up!)


Zan Asha said...

Love it love it love it. Uhh, but yeah, I've had to inspect in the 100 degree weather I feel your pain :)

Becky said...

Ask me how much I like figuring retail sales tax. *grumble* I just paid the state a big chunk of money. :(

Tina said...

So much fun!

Well, the heat wave not so much, but yeah for a yummy harvest!