Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday everyone! :)

Last week's winner is CowgirlTazz!! Please email us with your address,and which 2 Biscuit Bars you'd like, and we will ship them right out!

This weeks' Friday Freebie is brought to you by 1) my dry winter skin, and 2) my love of long hot soaks in the tub. In the winter, I HAVE to use these salts - enriched with rich, moisturizing ingredients such as milk powder, shea butter, herbally infused olive oil, and cocoa butter - in order to enjoy my long hot soaks (complete with paperback book and a glass of wine - if you're gonna do it, you might as well do it in style) without being an itchy dry mess afterwards.

SO! We're giving away a bag of our botanical bath salts to two lucky winners! (Your choice - they come in 3 varieties).

If you'd like to win these bath salts- you must leave a comment on today's blog post.

AND! A twist this week. I'd like help picking next weeks "Freebie" item. In your comment, please write an item or items you'd like to see in next week's FREEBIE!

1) One entry per person.
2) You must have a registered ID to post - if your post shows up under "anonymous", we don't know who you are, and therefore you can't win.
3) You have until the next Thursday at midnight, CST, to enter your comment.
4) Winner will be announced the following Friday - you must check back to see if it's you!
5) International folks are welcome. We ship Prairieland Herbs items all over the world, so we'll ship our "Friday freebie" anywhere too!
6) Each eligible post will be assigned a number, and we'll use a free online random number generator to determine the winner.

One last thing. This weekend we'll be offering a couple of REALLY GREAT SALES ($5 and $10 off certain products!) in honor of Donna's upcoming birthday. If you're not on our mailing really should be :) New members to our enewsletter get 10% off their first order too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

FINALLY! Some farm pics!!

Our good digital camera is still broken, and my old junky one needs a new battery. John took these with good old fashioned FILM (remember that stuff?) and put them on cd for us.

An artistic view of our drying shed.

This is Delafino, the smallest and youngest of our minature horses. Doesn't he look like a dirty little street urchin? I *promise* he is well cared for. He just really enjoyed playing in the mud on this particular day.

Just a random farm gate, but it has charm, doesn't it?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Over the last 10+ years, we have amassed many, MANY photos of the farm, herbs, products, and farm critters. I'm slowly putting them on our new Flickr account, for everyone to enjoy! So please, "friend" us on Flickr and check back often - I plan to add 5-10 pics every day or so.....there will be tons and tons of them!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We won our first blog award! How VERY exciting! :) Our delightful and talented friend Jill from Blue Gate Farms gave us this great award. Thanks Jill!

So, we are supposed to list 5 goes!

1) First one is easy. Any and all dairy products from our fantastic neighbors at Picket Fence Creamery. With 25 varieties of homemade ice cream, handmade Jersey Milk butter, the world's best chocolate milk, and a handmade cheeseball that is simply out of this world - well frankly, it's amazing we aren't each 300 lbs!!!!

2) Secondly, we're spoiled by some amazing goat cheese - Chevre from Reichert's Dairy Aire, and the amazing aged cheese (and the divine chocolate sauce) from Northern Prairie Chevre.

3) GOUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have NOT tasted gouda cheese until you have tasted this divine stuff from Frisian Farms. Iam SOOOOO delighted that Picket Fence Creamery carries it now - I was buying it every chance I got at the Downtown Farmer's Market, but....having it available next door is even better!

4) Wine from Prairie Moon Winery in Ames. Every variety is delicious, but in particular I recommend the Marechel Foch Reserve. I really, really want to try the Winter Moon Ice Wine. Maybe someday!

5) COFFEE!!! Donna likes it light, Maggie likes it thick and dark, and we both enjoy it with generous dollops of pure Picket Fence Jersey Cream (no wussy half and half or - *shudder* MILK!) Home roasted fair trade organic is the best!

Okay! Let's see - and to pass the award along, I nominate Tina at The Essential Herbal, for her inspiring writing, Susan at Farm at Coventry for her astounding photos, and Sarah at Wallypop for her fantastic natural goods for babies, as well as her excellent blog posts about CIPSA.