Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a gorgeous sunny day!!

Got some peppermint put in the still.

Donna worked her tailfeathers off today!!! Did very major trimming back of HUGE weeds... Giant ragweed and out-of-control wild plums. We had cut down many, MANY overgrown plum bushes last fall, and left them
In big piles. Now they needed to be taken care of, so we wrassled them into big piles and attempted, with some success, to burn them.

Peter rested.

As did the canines.

Monday, June 27, 2011

All right. We are almost done planting for the spring. (yes, I know its summer now. But, that's how we roll).

Here goes:
6 cauliflower
22 peppers (what the heck was I thinking?)
3 basil
5 cabbage
2 broccoli
3 parsley
6 celery
8 sorrel (red)
6 lbs taters
I cucumber
I zucchini
1 yellow squash
3 watermelon
8 lemon verbena
16 white sage
11 Rosemary
3 Thai basil
16 tomatoes
1 tarragon
1 oregano
1 thyme
4 tomatillos
60 strawberry plants
62 red rasp starts
14 lemongrass
Green beans
1 butternut squash
1 sage
2 fennel
1 dill
2 catnip
2 blackberry bushes

5 blueberry bushes and a few mint plants yet to tuck in the ground, and I really should get more basil.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Check out this funky echinacea cultivar!

I...cannot remember the name of this plant just now. But it's supposed to be a decent dye plant, and grows prolifically.

Flax is so pretty!

Donna's awesome deck planters. LOVE the old teapot with funky succulent!

Harvested some lavender today.

A plant's eye view of our shop.

Donna vanquished many thistles today.

See her standing victorious over the slain bodies of her foes!!!

THE MULBERRY HARVEST HAS BEGUN!!!! (I really like mulberries!)

They are huge, and plentiful.

Toby helped us mow today. Here we have a bit of late afternoon relaxin'.

Another picture of the lavender, because it's so pretty :) it doesnt grow well for us.... This is our entire harvest for 2011.

After another HUGE morning downpour, we once again deemed it too wet to do much outdoors. That's ok... We had a busy day helping customers in the shop, filling a couple of wholesale orders, and trying to fill the shelves.

Veggies are enjoying the rain though.

I've never grown any brassicas, but these (heavily discounted clearance) veggie plants tempted me to try :)

And I'm I'n love with this beautiful plant! I don't know much about it. I believe it's called red sorrel, or blood sorrel? I'm
Not even sure if it's a perennial, or if I eat it like regular sorrel. But it's just so pretty I had to get it.