Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is that not the HANDSOMEST goose you have ever seen? He recently celebrated his first snow with a nice swim in the pond. The cool weather does not seem to bother him one bit!

Beaker is currently without fowl-friends....Unfortunately, the neighbor's dogs came down to our farm (we live in the fences), and killed Beaker's duck friends. They actually tried to get Beaker too, and he was slightly injured on one of his wings, but he is fine now. Now we have to keep Beaker in a safe, roomy pen when we're not around to watch out for him.

This is or cat Tilly - Donna's cat, really. She lives in Donna's house but occasionally comes out to the shop to "supervise". The other day she positioned herself on top of our antique cash register and spent quite a bit of time there, just watching the world go by!

We have a new soap - Just Plain Goatmilk! We do get a fair number of requests for unscented products so do try to have a nice selection of fragrace-free handmade goods!

John is making candles like a crazy man, and also working on a new, floral essential oil candle. Makign a new candle takes a lot of time! First, he tries out various essential oil blends and mixtures, to get something that smells wonderful. Then, the various blends must be made into candles and thoroughly burn-tested. Here's some of the blends he was working on the past few days....when our new floral candle is ready, we'll be sure to let you know about it!
Um, yeah. ICE. soooooo much ice! Maggie stayed home yesterday, due to this ice storm, and this morning Donna reports a solid inch or more of ice on our driveway, parking lot, and walkway. PLEASE, folks - if you were thinking about driving out to do some shopping - don't! It's not safe until we get this ice cleared off!!

In other news - I'm updating the website here in a few minutes with our $5 Flat Rate shipping for the month of Dec! So stay home and warm and safe and shop online, k?

More blogging, with pics, coming soon!