Saturday, March 03, 2007

WOW! You guys sure love learning how to make soap! Our Soapmaking 101 class is nearly full - we're waiting on confirmation from one person who verbally signed up. SO! If you are interested in learning to make soap...but 1) haven't yet signed up, or 2) want to take the class but that date/time doesn't work for you....let us know. If demand is great enough we will see if Karla can fit in another Soapmaking 101 class. Otherwise, I won't be until June...kind of a long time to wait!

On a related note, there's still spaces available for the Milk Soaps and Hot Process Crock Pot Soap classes. And, we MAY have one space available in our rescheduled March 10th Needlefelting Class...... please email us or call if you are interested!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Our Needlefeling class is rescheduled for Saturday, March 10th, from 1-4. I hope all our original participants can make it!

We had us an honest-to-gosh blizzard! Well, technically, it's still going on. EVERYTHING is closed. By everything I mean businesses, schools, county and national governmental offices...yep. everything!

So - Donna is at work (after trudging through much snow to get from the house to the shop), answering emails and packing up everyone's FREE FACIAL SERUMS (if you aren't subscribed to our enewsletter, you should be! So we can notify you of freebies and specials!)

I (Maggie) am home, working on very exciting things like 1) updating our wholesale price list, and 2) writing press releases. Oh, and updating this blog. I admit, a fair amount of knitting is getting done too. :) But I'm knitting the hat we're going to be making in our March 24th Knit/Crochet an Earflap Cap so it's "real" work....right??? I will post a pic when I get it finished. it's so cute!

In other good news, Karla, our self-proclaimed crazy soaplady , is also snowed in at home (she lives further to the north than we do, so she's even more snowed in!) and making soap like a madwoman. yay!!!

I took these pics from my house. Please note - while they do not look blizzard-worthy by themselves, understand that these are in my VERY PROTECTED backyard. I'm in a very protected part of town, AND have a 6 foot privacy fence. So just imagine what it's like out in the country where Donna is! Snow is blowing everywhere, visibility is practically zero, and the roads are drifted like crazy.

Ahhh...March in Iowa. You gotta love it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

*deep sigh*

More snow is on the way! BLAH!

We'll see what goes on...if the weather is like they're predicting (4 inches of blowing snow, possible ice/rain...yuk!), we may not be able to get out to mail packages tomorrow. We'll let you know....

Monday, February 26, 2007

THIS is why we didn't get to have our Needlefelting class on Saturday. BIG snow. big big BIG wet heavy snow! WIth ice underneath, because it rained alot, then froze, and then dumped snow on top!

These pictures are from Maggie's house. Donna is safe at her place at the acreage where PLH is....hopefully, they will plow her road tomorrow so that Maggie can get into work!