Friday, April 17, 2009

Bertha Reppert (1919-1999) was the founder of The Rosemary House and our mum. She was a Renaissance woman ahead of her time when she opened a herb and spice shop in a conservative East coast town in 1968. Convinced that once everyone learned about herbs they would love these plants as much as she did, she became an avid educator about the secrets of herbs. Lecturing, writing and always promoting herbs, Bertha Reppert became a mentor to many. This weeks prize is a copy of her last herbal and one of our very favorites.

Bertha Reppert's TwelveMonth Herbal features 365 herbal essays one for each day of the year. Written like she is speaking to a friend this book is fun, informative and easy to read. Many folks have told us they reread the book every year and make their own daily notes in the margins. Be sure to leave a comment to this post and at the other participating herbal blogs (see the links below) for your chance to win this clever book (an $18.00 value) filled with herbal lore, recipes and crafts (priceless).

Sisters Susanna, the herbalist, and Nancy, the culinary artist, continue to share their Mother's love of all things herbal at The Rosemary House, the herb and spice gift shop, and at Sweet Remembrances tea room.

The following blogs are also participating, so stop over, post a comment on these blogs for additional chances to win this weeks giveaway AND the chance to explore some cool blogs. To be entered to win this fabulous book, simply comment on this blog entry, and PLEASE note you must leave your email address so we can contact you!

The Rosemary House (where a list of winners will be posted on the 24th)

Check back we have a couple more weeks of give-aways!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The picture above is a pretty accurate visual representation of how Donna and Maggie feel after paying taxes.

We though perhaps some of you feel the same. So we thought a little sale might cheer us ALL up!
Everything on our website is 15% off, now through April 22nd. Yes, the discount applies to our in-store customers too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Victoria's secret "organic natural vegan" bodycare - truth in advertising FAIL. (are we surprised?)

Read the article!

Monday, April 13, 2009

We have a new website specifically to promote our Sample Sundays and other 3 farm events! Please bookmark this site and check back monthly! We will be updating with info about each Sample Sunday as it becomes available.

(photo of one of last year's Sample Sunday events at Prairieland Herbs)
People in the shop are ALWAYS asking about natural headache relief. Marge Clark from Nature's Gift wrote this great article about using essential oils to help relieve headaches. enjoy!

Aromatherapy for Natural Headache Relief
Check out our friend Tina's blog for some AMAZING pictures of distillation with her gorgeous glass still. (We're going to get one of these pretty glass stills this spring, I think.....)