Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have LOADS more pics to blog, but, for the moment, we are way too busy getting ready for tomorrow's SAMPLE SUNDAY! The roads are (fairly) clear and the event is ON! Slip on your best snowboots and head out to rural Wodward for an ASTOUNDING lineup of awesome local foods and gifts! You can find something for EVERYONE on your holiday shipping list here, we are quite sure! at Prairieland Herbs we have:

Whipped Shea Buters on sale - now only $10.00 each!
Free 2oz handmade soap with any purchase
FREE giftwrapping - Gift sets in all price ranges available!

Limited Edition Holiday Items: Wonderful "Frankincense and Myrrh" handmade soap, and "Spicy" aromatherapy spray, perfect for creating a holiday mood in your home.

Large selection of handknit and hand-dyed silk scarves:

FREE giftwrapping!

Kittens for Adoption!! (No, we won't giftwrap the kittens...)

Guest Vendors:

Nikki Bado-Fralick will have her handmade silver jewellery for sale.

Sally Kilkenny will be vending her amazing award-winning jams and jellies.

Lynn Marie Parkey of Gauranga Reiki will be doing FREE reiki sessions.

Dawn Torrents-Suarez from Morning Rain Massage will do Ear Candling for $25, or $15 with a receipt from Prairieland Herbs or any Sample Sunday Vendors! Chair Massage available, $15 for 15 minutes. All barters and trades will be considered, so bring something cool/handmade/homemade to trade :)

Henna Tattoos FREE for kids, $5 for adults.

Compassionate Creations - yoga inspired jewelry

Angie Lambert with AKC Collections will have her pillows and crafts made from upcycled and repurposed wool, available for sale.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictures Donna took this morning with her iPhone, and emailed to me to blog. Yay technology! The snow guy told her he "might" be able to make it out to her place in a few hours, far there is no sign of the county plow to clear out the road.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

big snow = lots of computer work. :) Our December Soap of the Month - Frankincense & Myrrh, is now online! It's SPECTACULAR! Terri used REAL frankincense and myrrh to scent this soap - not a synthetic scent. We have 40 bars of this fantastic soap - when it's gone, it's gone! I think this is a perfect item for stocking stuffers or secret santa gifts. The scent: heady, resinous, clean. Very unisex and quite luxurious.

ALSO! The December sale item - Whipped Shea Butters! By customer demand. Only $10 each! These are made with fair trade shea butter, and scented only with essential oils. That makes them the perfect environmentally friendly, socially conscious gift item. Plus, they smell great and moisturize like crazy. Stock up now!

Last but certainly NOT least, we are offering our holiday gift to you - $5 flat rate shipping from now until 2010! Great for shipping gifts to yourself...or to others! We gift wrap and include gift tags, with message of your choice, for no charge!

Snow update: it's CRAZY out there! Donna couldn't get out her back door, it was totally drifted shut. So she managed to get out the front and dig her way around to the barn. She reported waist high drifts, and it's still snowing and really blowing. She fed the horses extra, as she is doubting she can get back out there until sometime tomorrow. The shop cats are warm and cozy with lots of food and water (we won't be able to get into them until probably Thursday, but made sure when we left yesterday that they were okay for a few days).

The internet seems to be going a little glitchy here, but so far we have power and are safe and warm. Iowa DOT has pulled snow plows from several areas of the state - you know it's bad when not even the snowplows can get around. :( 20,000 people are reported to be without power so far....we are hoping they can all stay warm and safe. Windchills are to be as low as -10 tonight.

I have more pictures to post, but blogger seems to be glitchy, so for now here is one that Donna took from indoors.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So. There is a giant storm happening here right now. An honest to gosh blizzard. I don't watch TV, but I've been told that folks from The Weather Channel, and various people from assorted news stations have been sent here to Iowa to cover this big-ass storm. National Weather Service forecasters have described our first major storm of the season as "epic and extremely dangerous". 8-15 inches of snow are predicted, and up to 50 MPH winds. 8-15 inches of snow is bad enough, but when it snows that much, then blows, we get extremly slick roads, and VERY high snowdrifts. We have at least 6 inces of snow now. it started falling this morning, and is continuing (and expected to intensify) overnight.

Maggie packed as many orders as possible this morning, BUT, Donna had to deal with some family-related health issues, AND the weather got bad enough at about 2 PM that everyone headed home. SO. if you placed an order with Prairieland Herbs on or after Saturday, December 5th, it HAS NOT shipped yet, nor will it until probably Friday.

Epic winds are predicted for tomorrow, and no travel is recommended. Thursday, it should be calmer, BUT, then we have to wait for 1) the county road crews to open up our road, and 2) our snow removal guy to open up our driveway. Given the immensity of the predicted storm, we are not counting on either of those things happening very quickly on Thursday. (Our farm is rural, fairly remote, and VERY prone to drifting). We will keep you posted, but until now, unfortunately, we are predicting to not be able to ship anything until at LEAST Friday.

HOWEVER, we are absolutely willing and able to work overtime to catch up on soon as we can get back into the shop. :) We will keep you posted! Stay warm and indoors, everyone!