Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Midsummer, everyone!!

The wet spring has messed things up a little bit here at PLH. Normally, our St. John's Wort and our Lavender would be blooming on midsummer, but not this year....both plants are kind of scraggy and struggling. They're "late bloomers", haha. :)

The roses and thyme, however (as you can see above) are blooming like mad! That's why we LOVE to plant them together...the thyme makes a beautiful carpet of blooms all around the roses. It takes a few years, but I think the effect is really nice.

In other news - we still have room in our fabulous fiber classes!
We have 2 classes on Saturday, June 30th. In the morning, we're going to have fun spinning with exotic fibers - alpaca, silk, wool, mohair, etc. In the afternoon, you can learn to play with color and roving, to create gorgeous and unique yarns! These classes are taught by Abi Hutchison, from High Prairie Fibers, and they are *always* fabulous. These classes are informal, fun, and wonderful! You'll learn alot and take home a TON of fiber.

On Sunday, July 1, we're also having a fun Spinning Clinic, also taught by Abi. If you're interested in spinning but have never spun before, come on over! We'll get you started. If you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced spinner, this is an excellent time to "play" - share ideas, try other people's wheels, explore new techniqes and fiber types, etc. Abi will be providing fiber to play with...just bring a wheel, drop spindle, or any other type of equipment or project you want, and we'll PLAY! Show-and-tell encouraged, and I will make sure to have some fun snacks on hand too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We certainly know who is in charge around here! (This little fella is *still* looking for a home, by the way!)

Donna, weeding, in her famous red hat (That's what happens when you let the grandson pick out your weeding hat!)

Plants destined for the still! Lemongrass, lemon verbena, rosemary, and more...

Popcorn!!! (Those of you who have visited the farm on a recent Sample Sunday have had the pleasure of tasting last year's crop, which is delicious!)

Our patch of sweetgrass (destined for the still - I hear it makes a lovely hydrosol!)