Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here is a itty-bitty sneak peek at our new labels! We've nearly got them all created now and have been using them on all the products we've made in the last few weeks. What do you think?

I (Maggie) am at home for a chunk of the day, trying to work on our new (not yet released) website. I'm learning ournew shopping cart system, which will be REALLY REALLY COOL once we get it done. For now, it is just making me swear alot. So if you hear loud, vulgar swearing coming from the central Ia area, pay no mind. It's just me.

Also, our friend Tina at Essential Herbal has a really cool post about Valentine's herbal potions on her blog. ENJOY!

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's the Great Melt of 2008. After lots of snow and ice, it's now about 50 degrees here, and the whole world is a drippy, melty, muddy mess! The mud is no fun but the warmth sure is nice!

We got our yearly beeswax purchase last week - 150 lbs of raw, delicious-smelling beeswax! It's pretty clean - the local fellow does a really excellent job of giving us the cleanest, best bits from his hives, but we still have to melt it all down, strain it through cheesecloth, and then pour it into 1 and 2 lb. bread pans to make the lovely cakes of beeswax that we use and sell all year long. melting and cleaning the wax is a long process that takes *several* days, but it smells sooooooo good!!!!