Saturday, May 12, 2007

So apparently...Beaker (the yellow fellow - the one we rescued from a busy town highway) is NOT a duck. let me preface this by saying we know NOTHING of birds...especially farm birds. But one of our great customers (thanks Hanna!) clued us in today to the fact that Beaker is NOT a duck. So we think maybe he's a goose...or possibly even a swan?? Any bird people out there that can help us out..let us know! But, let me tell you - these guys are a hoot, and they're growing like crazy. More blogging about them over on Maggie's personal blog! (In this picture, btw, they're like 2x the size they were last week, and they're hanging out in our herb shop. Yep, they think that's where they should be. *sigh*)
We had a GREAT class today! About 20 people showed up for Herb Gardening talk given by Donna. Here we are before class...chairs set up ready to go!

And here we are during class - Donna is up front in the green t-shirt. We had a perfect day! Mid 70's, sunny, with a light breeze. Lovely!

Then Donna led everyone around the garden and showed them our perennials coming up...and last but not least, everyone chose 3 herb plants to take home and plant. I know Donna had a great time - I hope everyone else did too!

Speaking of classes - we still have 4 spaces left in our Hot Process Crock Pot Soapmaking class coming up next Saturday!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Also, in actual PLH related news: We're cleaning up the farm (pics coming soon), and....we have loads of new classes to sign up for! Our June/July/August class schedule is ROCKIN. Online (non-local) customers - we have at least one online class for you scheduled for this summer....I've been busy, busy, busy adn haven't been able to get the info online but I WILL Do it this weekend at the latest, and I'll post here when it's on. It's gonna be soooooo awesome....

Local folks - wanna learn to knit, crochet, dye, spin, play with lavender or sage, garden naturally, or do a bunch of other fun stuff? Take some classes!!!!!!!!!

So, the other day, I found a baby duck. So we got him a friend (ducks need friends) but, in the intervening 4-5 hours where we had just the one rescued duck (during which we hauled him around tucked into sweatshirt hoods and pockets, because he didn't want to be alone), he apparently imprinted on humans he thinks we are his parents! Beaker is the yellow fellow - the one found running, all alone, on a busy highway in Adel. The brown one, Stu (I call him Disco Stu - simpson's fans will get the reference) was purchased at a local farm store (for $2 - he was on clearance!). Beaker loves people and follows us around, and gets most frantic when he can't. Stu loves BEAKER and follows him around. It's a whole thing. Anyway, I have loads more pictures to follow but for now - aren't they adorable??

Its' a tough, TOUGH job to be a prairieland herbs cat....
especially on a warm, sunny summer day.