Thursday, December 03, 2009

If you like to make your own holiday gifts, here are a few ideas. Tina, from The Essential Herbal, has a GREAT tutorial for making your own spiced pomanders. You just need a few simple ingredients from the grocery store and a bit of time.

Homemade biscotti is one of my favorite gifts to get and to give. We have a few recipes on our website: Lavender Honey Biscotti and Chocolate Orange Biscotti. They age well, travel beautifully, and are delicious dunked in coffee, hot chocolate, or red wine. :)

I made a big batch of Apple Pie Hooch last weekend - it's shelf stable, and, packged in pretty recycled bottles, makes a wonderful gift for your friends and family that enjoy adult beverages.

Along the same theme, I made spiced rum for a gift last weekend. It was ridiculously fast and easy, and looks and smells beautiful! :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A bit of a personal update. My grandpa is not well. My mom is his main caretaker, and her duties have drastically increased basically overnight. We are doing our absolute best to keep up with everything, however, being one woman short on our busiest time of the year is certainly a challenge. We promise to do absolutely everything to keep the packages shipping out as fast as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.