Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MAGIC ABOUNDS, every day and every way! Come celebrate everyday magic at Prairieland Herbs on Sunday, September 18th, 12-5 PM - our THIRTEENTH Birthday party!!!

Prairieland Herbs will be hosting at PETS Fundraiser - Bring a donated pet item to give to our local animal shelter, and we will give you a FREE bottle of our "Faerie Dust" sparkling body powder. PETS Wishlist includes: cold hard cash, Kitty litter (scoopable and non-...scoopable), cat/kitten food (purina cat chow/kitten chow), KMR kitten milk, paper towels, cat & dog beds, cat toys, scratching posts, trash bags, & laundry detergent. There will also be cats for adoption!

We will also be hosting a book giveaway drawing during Sample Sunday...spend $13 or more and be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of the just-released book "Disenchanted", by local author. A.R. Miller - a fantastic small-town supernatural thriller (you may just recognize certain, ahem, businesses and landmarks!).

Speaking of "Disenchanted" - Guest author A. R. Miller will be on hand with stacks of her just-released book - signing copies! She will be offering her book at a special discounted Sample Sunday rate, so now is time to pick it up!

Lynn Marie Parkey will be offering a special class held during Sample Sunday. "Shamanic Journey to find your Spirit Animal class" will be held at 2 PM.
This is an informal, outdoor class. She will give instructions, and provide noisemakers and mats to lay on. Journey inward to find your spirit animal! $15. No need to register, simply show up!

Randi Stone of Lovin' Oven is using her kitchen wizardry to concoct some delicious edible treats - ginger snaps, powerballs, and more!

Stamps Family Farm will be selling farm-fresh bouquets, sampling their own sustainably-rasied pork, and taking reservations for their delicious pork shares!

Roxy Seven Salon will be doing HAIR TINSEL and FEATHERS - seriously, folks, what is more fun than sparkles and hair in your feathers? Hair tinsel prices: 5 for 15$ or 10 for 20$, hair feathers 1 for $10 or 3 for $20. Hers last for ever, Donna and Maggie can attest! She will also sell her fabulous glamour-grunge upstyled jewelry, one of a kind works of art!

Mj's Goodies will have her handmade natural cleaning products, including a new supply of our sold-out "Orange Sherbert Carpet Freshener" and reusable swiffer-style dusters.

Knotty Dog will have her Magickal Magnets, notecards, and serendipity surprise jewelry and books! Beautiful goods.

Jenny Van Rees will have her beautiful hippie/gypsy handcrafted one-of-a kind clothing...and yes, she does custom orders!

Amanda Rae will have her beautiful hand-crocheted items - perfect for fall.

Melodie Proffitt of Mind and Body Massage Therapy will be there with her magic hands! Ask her for a massage, reiki, treatment, orsome fabulous reflexology! Melodie can fix what ails ya...or just make you feel extra good.

Traci Leff will have her beautiful (and VERY affordable) handmade aprons for men, women and kids!

Sally Kilkenny will be sampling her delicious gourmet handmade jams and jellies.

Rebecca Brandow of Willow Avenue Pottery will have a wonderful selection of her handmade pottery, and if weather permits, she will bring her wheel and do pottery throwing demonstrations outdoors! Fascinating to watch! She also teaches classes at her studio, so feel free to ask her about signing up for some pottery classes this winter.

Candy Hoops will be there with fuzzy feet, henna, groovy crystal letter bracelets, and the tie dye station....and of course, HOOPS!

Zan Asha will be here from NEW YAWK with woodburned pendants, spoons, boxes-$18 to $35. Some small art dolls $15-$30 and some art and wax ornaments: $10 and up!

Beautiful People Organic Salon is offering hand made hair accessories!! For babies and adults, just come and check it out!

And of course our neighbors at Picket Fence Creamery and Flowers by Donna Jean will have loads of events, specials, and guest vendors too. And last but not last, check out the gorgeous High Trestle Trail Bridge in Woodward, it is not to be missed!

Feel free to dress in your favorite "magical" costuming....we will be !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We are back!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately!! We have been tied up with visiting family for about a month :) fun times!!

We have had some spectacular weather. Sunny, not too hot, not too humid. Here Lexi does her famous "dead dog on the walkway" routine.

The skies are so beautiful and blue!

Gardens are doing well. We have been harvesting buckets of tomatoes, green beans, basil, eggplant, peppers. The freezer is filling up, and we are eating well :)

The distillation garden is doing great too! It looks like a jungle. This lemongrass plant is waist high. We just cut all our white sage and distilled it. Other annual plants will be cut and distilled soon - Rosemary, lemongrass, lemon verbena.

We are waiting very very anxiously for the peaches to ripen!!!! These are white flesh peaches, that are more cold hardy in our area than the typical varieties. Delicious!

Donna has done an incredible job on her gardens this year.

And we have noticed our bees loving the early fall flowers. They are going especially crazy for goldenrod.