Friday, October 12, 2007

We are swamped with big wholesale orders. Why do they all come at the same time?

Yesterday, Donna planted a bunch of hazelnut bushes. We're so excited! We'll have our own hazelnuts in a few years! In the last few weeks we also planted 2 pear trees, and another apple and another cherry. Our orchard is shaping up nicely! Yesterday I planted some black tulips (for use in natural dyeing), and some saffron crocus - our own saffron too, how exciting! Now I need to find time to plant some garlic and shallots....

Meanwhile, at the shop, I've made 500 perfumes in the last few days- amonng other things. John has made some 350+ candles INCLUDING new scents (which will be on the website soon).

And Tori (pictured above) still needs a home - she is the only kitten left, and she is sooooo sweet and adorable!

In a shameless fit of advertising, I will tell you also that I listed some new botancially dyed bandannas in my etsy store, as well as some of my handspun yarns.....

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is this the most gorgeous salad you've ever seen?
This was one of the fabulous foods submitted to our recipe contest at the Iowa State fair this year. Sally Kilkenny, of Granger, IA (one of the nicest ladies AND one of the best cooks on the planet) submitted these "kitchen garden bouquets". And you know what? it tasted at LEAST as good as it looks!