Friday, September 02, 2011

just a quickie!

we added two new events today.... a fabulous Bach Flower Essence Class, and a Shamanic Journeying class that will be held during Sample Sunday, Sept. 18.

Details can be found on our Facebook page - until Maggie's computer is fixed I cannot add them to our website (but hopefully soon....)

We ARE open this Saturday, on this fine Labor Day weekend, so bring your friends, family, guests, etc. - come on out to see the beautiful High Trestle Trail bridge, have a delicious lunch at Cayenne's Cafe, and visit our neighbors at Picket Fence Creamery. Woodward is a fabulous place to spend a relaxing afternoon!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

We have a LOAD of fabulous classes coming up this fall!

First our awesome DIY Herbal Medicine with Lynn, our favorite "herbologist"...

September 10 , Make Your Own Herbal Medicine $50 1.00-2:30 pm, $50. If you are interested in making your own herbal remedies, this is the class for you. Herbs to help with colds, allergies, getting to sleep and fatigue, will be available for you to mix and match and make your own special blend to suit your specific needs. Meet the herbs in their fresh and/or dried forms. The class includes all the necessary equipment for you to take home a pint of your own concoction. Learn what master herbalists around the country are using for which ailments. Class taught by Lynn Parkey, herbalist and reiki practitioner.

Then, some craziness with the lovely Zan Asha!

September 17 - Beginning Organic Beekeeping 101 11:00-1:30

Learn the basic principles of natural beekeeping as based on the principles of Zan Asha’s WWII era grandfather, before chemicals were even invented for the home or the fields! Chemical-free beekeeping uses the natural social behaviors of the bees in order to best serve them. You will learn: basic bee social structure, basic equipment and setup of hives, chemical free management of diseases and pests and natural problem solving. Take this class now and be WAY ready for your Springtime beekeeping adventures! $50 early registration/$60 at the door. Class taught by Zan Asha of The Renegade Farmer, class held at Prairieland Herbs - please register online here:

September 17 - Beginning Organic Beekeeping 102 2:00-3:30 For the more advanced beekeeper, and for those who have taken 101 classes, this is the class for you. Still utilizing all natural, humane beekeeping practices, we will discuss more advanced beekeeping techniques including swarm capture and prevention, hive splitting, honey harvesting, varietal honey making, humane use of bees for commercial gain, and WINTERIZING your bees. If you have any questions or problems you are experiencing with your hives, please feel free to bring them to this class as well, and Zan will do her best to answer them! Class taught by Zan Asha of The Renegade Farmer, held at Prairieland Herbs - please register online here:

October 1, DIY Herbal Tea Blending $30 1.00-2:30 pm $35. Herbal Tea Lovers Unite!! Come make your own blend of herbal tea! Make infusions of 20+ herbs and decide for yourself what you like best! The best part is you get to take home your favorite!! YUM!!! Class taught by Lynn Parkey, herbalist and reiki practitioner.

October 15 - Dyeing with Indigo - $35 1-4 PM The Japanese word Shibori means “to fold” or “to crumple.” The technique has been used for centuries to create unique color patterns on fabrics and fibers. Indigo is a common dye plant famous for producing beautiful shades of blue and purple, most famous as the coloring agent used in blue jeans. In this workshop, we’ll put some contemporary twists on ancient Shibori methods and use modern, pre-reduced natural indigo to create unique patterns and textures. Each participant will learn the technique of dyeing with indigo, practice a variety of Shibori tie-ups and manipulations, and take home a one-of-a-kind hand-dyed t-shirt.

No previous dye experience is needed. Bring an old shirt or apron to wear in class – these dyes are permanent!

Sign up for these classes by following this link!