Friday, September 29, 2006

This is Moe, doing what he does best. Relaxing. And guarding his precious catnip stash! (I mean, we only have dozens of catnip plants....there *might* be shortage anytime!). He came to live here after a friend of ours had to move to a place where they don't accept kitties (Can you IMAGINE such a thing?!?! Life without kitties!). He's about 5 or 6, and rules the roost here, keeping order over all the other cats and keeping the humans in line too.

This is Sassy. Originally, we named his Sasquatch, because he has BIG feet, with extra toes! (Yup, he's a polydactyl. a dinosaur cat, heh heh). But, since he lives in an herb shop, I ended up yelling "Sassafrass!" when he was in trouble. So I guess that's his real name. But he goes by Sassy, and sassy is what he is. He's a big, furry, cuddly cat that LOVES to squish his big self into small baskets. Especially if they're partially filled with, say, products. *sigh*

He also adores boxes of packing peanuts, and, if the box is big enough, will literally SWIM in the box of peanuts. I kid you not. It's HYSTERICAL.

He was a kitten from an accidental litter from one of my sister's cats. He's 2 1/2 and has lived with us his whole life. My sister has his brother too, which is pretty cool.
Skeezix, you crack us up! What a cool cat you are!

We dont' have vishus deer here, but yesterday Mo and Violet had to deal with something even worse - Small People. :) Yes, this being a happy family farm, occasionally we get hordes of Small People here visiting. They are loud and have sticky hands, and love to grab tails!

Mo, being the Sr. Canip Control Inspector, does not let them burst his "kitty-cool". He does , however, twitch his tail and run for the door. Violet takes one look and HIDES.

Guess I should introduce the Prairieland Herbs feline gang officially, hmm? I'll do that.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mo and Violet, two of our shop kitties, being super-cute, sleeping in the sun. :)

They give a big shout out to Missy Blue Eyes and all the other cat-bloggers that support their owners by buying catnip!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's a shout out to all our cat-blogging friends, and a big thanks to ML and Missy Blue Eyes for sending them our way!

Our FOUR shop cats (yes, FOUR...can you believe it?) Violet, Sassy, Moe and Go all say hello! We have some pictures to post later, but for now, we just wanted to get in a quick hello to all cat bloggers. :) We've distilled lots of catnip for our catnip hydrosol spray, and are currently harvesting what is probably the last of our dried catnip for the year. :) And don't forget - your purchase of our Bonky Balls helps support our friends at Iowa Parrot Rescue!