Saturday, July 12, 2008

There is a lady in Ames, IA that grows great lavender. We at Prairieland herbs do NOT grow great lavender. If we are lucky, we have a few spindly plants that survive year to year. Our soil is too clay-ey, and our farm is not in a sheltered location, so it gets very cold, windy, and snowy. Lavender does not like this. It is something we have just accepted.

So, we are always delighted when Linda shows up with her great lavender! You can see her fantastic dried lavender bunches in the picture, above. We do have some for sale in our store.Also, she brought this lovely huge box of fresh lavender!! It is going in the still tomorrow. Fresh lavender hydrosol, anyone??


Kate said...

Hello - I live in WDM and am looking to buy some local lavender. (My b-day is coming up and I have a recipe for a lovely-looking Lavender Lemon Cake...but I digress!)

Do you know where I could purchase some, or can you hook me up with your contact in Ames? I don't need a lot, just 5-6 sprigs.

Any help is appreciated!

Many thanks,

Twin Lilies said...

I'm also looking for cooking-grade lavender! Called a couple of places in Ames, IA to see if they had it and no luck. Any chance I can get your lady's contact info?

girlwithasword said...

we sell food-grade lavender at PLH. Unforutnately the woman in Ames who grew the lavender is out of business. I did wonder how she planned to grow perennial lavender in such an inhospitable climate.....