Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cuteness alert!

you have been warned.

This is Contessa with her brand new little colt! He is TINY. we think he may have been born prematurely, but, so far he and momma are both doing well. We're watching them very closely and giving them extra feeding and care as necessary.

Is this not the most handsome goose you have ever seen in your life? he's peeking through an old wooden fence.

We're furiously packing orders from our recent enewsletter/sale. Which necessitates lots of boxes, which we brought in, and put on the counter, and then were unable to use for SEVERAL HOURS while both Mo (left) and Violet (right) took a nap on them. sheesh. don't they know how their cat food gets paid for?

last but not least, can you guess which one of these items is NOT a gift set?

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