Monday, July 07, 2008

Market pictures, as promsied! Here's a picture of our booth, maybe 10 AM or so. The Des Moines farmer's market is a BIG market. They close off several blocks in the downtown Des Moines area for about 7 hours, and the entire area is turned over to the market. Hundreds of vendors and thousands of people come each week, rain or shine.
a view from our booth this past week. (Our booth changes locations, we may not be at the same spot in the market every week).

I love the market. There's amazing food, and fantastic people-watching. It's a great event for families - there are always tons of kids and oodles of dogs.

We hung some of my scarves, clothesline-style. i think it was really pretty. :)
Just a random shot of a pretty girl selling beautiful flowers. (not our booth)

and some gorgeous produce (again, not our booth).

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jojo said...

Hhey! when are you going to start making larger fabrics to die.. :) i live in (practically) those larger wraps.. and bandanas too! start making them!


i need to order soon some more of your lavendar bath... i just ran out. i think the last time i ordered 3 bottles. lol..