Friday, April 23, 2010

We are hosting a plant swap! Saturday, May 29, 2 PM at Prairieland Herbs! This is a fun, informal community event, perfect for both new gardeners and those with lots of experience.

How it works: Bring any extra plants you would like to trade. You can bring leftover annuals, extra veggie plants, perennials that you divided out, excess bulbs, houseplants, even small trees if you like. Have extra seeds you don't want or need? Feel free to bring those too! Please, have your plants in a pot, box, or bag, so they can be easily transported and safely sit for a day or two until they are transplanted. PLEASE, if you can, have the plant marked (to the best of your knowledge). we will try to have some plant markers available at the swap, too.

If you have a ton of plants to donate, but don't want any in exchange, that's fine! You may bring them before the event if you like, you do not need to stay.

If you don't have anything to swap, but want to come and take home some plants to start or fill in your garden, that's okay too! Come on, join the fun. Gardeners are friendly fun people and are always willing to share.

We'll see how many people plan to show up, and then organize as needed...

Feel free to post here if you have specific plants you know you will be bringing to share, or if you are looking for anything in particular.

We'll provide snacks and a nice shaded comfortable area for swapping. This will be fun! Look forward to seeing you!

Tell your friends! This is a fun event open to ANYONE!


juliecache said...

how did this event go? I was thinking of hosting something similar in my neighborhood.

girlwithasword said...

I highly recommend it! It was alot of fun, and fairly well attended given our location and that this was the first year for this type of event. And we donated all leftover plants to the local community garden, so it was win-win all around!