Thursday, April 22, 2010

And *today's* post is inspired by my friend Jill, who asked about rhubarb recipes! I LOVE rhubarb. Alas..I am surrounded by rhubarb-haters. *sigh*  So mostly I see good rhubarb recipes, sigh, and put them away. But now at least I can blog them and hope you all make the rhubarb-ey goodness....

Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Carmelized Rhubarb topping pretty much combines my love of fermented foods, food in jars, AND rhubarb. It's PERFECT!!

Look how gorgeous this rhubarb liqueur is! I AM making this. Rhubarb-haters be damned.

And I AM making this gingery rhubarb chutney, too. Because, as she says, it is pretty  much heaven, when placed on top of good dark bread with a sharp cheddar cheese. ('scuse me while I wipe drool of the keyboard..)


FairyLover said...

I'm passing on the Sunshine Award and I've listed you for it.

GardenMom said...

who are these rhubarb haters? don't listen to them! I love the liqueur recipe...I have rhubarb out the wazoo, so I am always looking for more recipes. Cute blog!