Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you want to retain the right to purchase handmade children's toys and clothing from small businesses?

If so, please read this information, and sign the petition against a badly-worded, short-sighted law that would put thousands of artisans, toymakers, and small-business owners out of work.

Handmade Toy Alliance


Sandy said...

Thanks for posting this, Maggie. I was an original supporter of the bill and am saddened at how poorly the bill ended up being written. I have been hoping that they would make an allowance for small businesses, as they have for consignment stores. Let's hope they act fast!

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, there's no chance at this point that anything will be done before the Feb 10 deadline, when the law goes into effect. (Unless Rep Waxman calls a Committee meeting and they decide to delay the effective date of the law, which seems unlikely considering Waxman's response to this issue so far.) However, we still hope that things will change before the more stringent August deadline.

Otherwise, I'll find myself with a LOT more time on my hands, and far fewer places to spend my money. Wallypop will close, and most of the places where I buy stuff for my children will close. Those that remain open will be forced to raise prices exponentially to cover the costs of testing.

An interesting aspect of this law is libraries - books are covered, and the law is retroactive to current inventory sitting on shelves. The CPSC has not clarified what this means for the children's sections of libraries. (Consider also that schools and their current inventory of books might also be covered.)

girlwithasword said...

It's truly terrifying, isn't it?? I really hope that public outcry will change things. Please, both of you, help keep us posted on this?? I'm afraid I personally hadn't heard much about it until it was too late. :(