Sunday, January 25, 2009

Because you asked - snow photos!

We got 4-5 inches of very light and fluffy snow last night. So this morning I grabbed my old decrepit (but still working) digital camera and snapped a few pics. Above, you can see some beautiful rosehips just piled with light fluffy snow.

Here is a sage plant.
This is an anise hyssop seedhead.

And purple coneflower seedheads. I love how all the plants look like they're wearing little snowhats!

And a picture of the fencepost, wearing it's little snowhat. So cute. :) The nice thing about this light fluffy snow is that it's easy to shovel. The bad thing? When we get wind (which we always do -Iowa is, I believe, the 5th windiest state), it can easily create dangerous driving conditions due to blowing snow, which reduces visibility, creates slick spots on the roads, and can make massive snowdrifts.

Ah, such is life in the heartland.....

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Susan said...

ah. . . that was what I was waiting to see! Thank you so much for posting the pics, I sure do miss snow!!