Sunday, June 19, 2011

We are growing potatoes vertically. Or trying to anyway. We found some round wire cages on the curb this spring (yay curb crawling!) and got a ten lb bag of seed taters at an Amish store for $3.75. We shared the taters with our friend Becky, so we probably planted 6-7 lbs in five round cages. Put cardboard under the cages to supress weeds, threw the cut up seed potatoes on top, and covered with leaves and old straw. That's it! As the potato plants grow, we add more straw or old hay. I've covered them twice do far and as you can see they are ready for another layer.

Tomatoes are doing well, we will have to think about stringing them up soon.

This ambitious little pepper plant has a pepper on it already.


The very first St. Johns Wort blossoms!

Dante is a faithful (and talkative) garden helper.

The big, icky, super-duper sweaty project today was hauling lots of very heavy barn refuse (MAN those mini horses produce a lot of manure) out to the raspberry patch. Donna weeded, and Maggie mulched. It wasn't very hot - maybe lower 80's? - but the humidity was 91 percent and the sweat was literally dripping off us. Sweaty drippy manure-covered us. That's sexy farm life for ya. There's at least another 3/4 left to do, too. Here's hoping the berries are plentiful next year!!


Becky said...

Yay for taters! My tater condo is ready for another level, but that means I need some dirt (not mud). Hopefully in the next day or two it'll dry out so I can go dig some out of the mud pile. :)

Kim said...

LOVE your garden posts!!! thanks for sharing!!! :) I was bummed my lasagna gardening started in teh fall wasn't 'working' (decomposing) this spring until I discovered 4 nice healthy plants popping up so I am continuing w/the paper & grass around them gently. thanks for sharing!!!

corinne said...

Your posts and pictures make me long for a farm, though I live in rural kentucky till i have my own dirt I feel a fake gardener LOL. I did try lining a rabbit cage with paper and hay and dirt and hanging it off my porch filling it with taters, might have started late but they are popping through, It is kind of fun to see.