Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was supposed to post this last night but ran out of steam.

Finally, a bit of sunshine!! The butterfly milkweed has begin to bloom.

As have the daylilies....

And the wild yarrow.

We were finally able to run the still, and distilled a gallon of comfrey hydrosol.

We started cleaning out the drying shed...a raccoon or possum got in there this winter and made a HUGE mess.

It broke open out stash of dozens of bags of packing peanuts. It's a Very Big Mess.

Donna channeled her inner firebug and we burned the HUGE pile of brush that's been sitting there, drying. It's mostly wild plum and mulberry wood. Keeping some of the wild plants under control can be quite a job.

And in the evening we went to Des Moines for good eats, good wine, and excellent live music played by Daphne Willis :)


Tina said...

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Followed by a cold and rainy Saturday (at least in Nevada). Oh well, one nice day is better than none.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I love the look of your farm. So REAl. How did you learn to make the still ?