Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I totally lied. I am NOT done with rhubarb posts!!!

Anita sent this wonderful link - this is EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about rhubarb. EVERYTHING.

This rhubarb upside down cake makes my mouth water. MMMMMM.

Rhubarb and ricotta galette - I love how rustic this looks! 

or how about a rhubarb meringue tart?!?


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Dear Donna and Maggie, I live in central Iowa too. And I am researching lavender farms. If you would be so kind as to give me your thoughts on growing a large quantity of lavender in our climate? I have about 6 lavender plants that do well, and was thinking of planting about an acre more. Thank you in advance for your input. My

girlwithasword said...

Sharon, hi. I'd would be probablydifficult, but...whatever floats your boat. We do not have good luck with lavender ,BUT, our farm is very open and exposed and has clay soils. I know a lady in Ames has a lavender farm; she is a horticulturalist at ISU so she knows alot more about plants than I do. but she lost nearly all her 3 and 4 year old lavender plants last winter. :( I believe there is a lavender farm near Chariton as well, you may talk to them? I also knew a lady in Adel that had planted hundreds of lavender plants. Some did really well for 6-7 years, it was utterly gorgeous - but then a bad winter wiped out most of them. So. It depends, a bit, on WHERE in Iowa you live, how good your microclimate is, and how willing you are to accept losses and replant now and then. That would be my opinion.

Tribal Horse Designs said...

they look really yummy . I like rhubarb but have neer tried to cook with it,. I always buy a pie already made