Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm posting a link here to the wonderful DIY Mustard tutorial (per request), because it is so fabulous. :)

And, to delicious amazing homemade mayonnaise. Make this. It is SO good! I like to make it with chive -infused vinegar and 1/2 crushed garlic clove.

And, one of our fantastic customers emailed us with these wise words:

"You may want to let your readers know this tip from page 137 of the cookbook “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon:
With the mayonnaise recipe given, if you add 1 tablespoon of whey (easily on hand if you make homemade yogurt (as I do with Picket Fence milk-yum!)) when you add the lemon juice, “let the mayonnaise sit at room temperature, well covered, for seven (7) hours before refrigerating.  With whey added, mayonnaise will keep several months and will become firmer with time. Without whey, mayonnaise will keep for about two weeks.”  Also in this cookbook, she recommends that the whole egg and egg yolk be at room temperature."

Thanks for the tips, DeAnn! :) 

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