Wednesday, February 17, 2010


These olive oil cakes with lemon and thyme look DELICIOUS, don't you think?  I love the Pioneer Woman food blog. 

Also, I NEED to make this, so I can whip up amazing Thai-style stirfries at the drop of a hat. Mmmmm.

And last but not least, this afternoon I plan to make fresh pasta. Lots of fresh pasta. I'm thinking: black pepper pasta, pesto cannelloni with my own frozen pesto sauce and home-canned tomato sauce, and butternut and sage ravioli (sage from my garden and butternut from our local CSA).

Homemade pasta isn't hard to make - even ravioli. I was really surprised to find that out! Homemade ravioli tastes amazing and freezes beautifully. I like to make lots, and have loads of fresh pasta on hand in the freezer.

So I guess these cold, sunny winter days inspire me to cook. What are you guys cooking up, in this cold and dreary winter?

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italianmamma said...

I too, love to make fresh pastas along with a simmering pot of my mom's (she was from San Remo, Italy)delicioso sauce. Nothin' beats the winter blues better! Well, some homemade bread would most certainly kick it up a notch. The olive oil, lemon and thyme muffins look fabulous. I think I'll try those tonight to go with my potato crusted cod.Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Back to your awesome scarves, how much are they? Any one of them would be great, as long as it has red in it, I trust your judgement! I need to order some butter balm before the end of the month,along with I'm sure several other items, so I'll include the scarf in the note section, if that's ok.
Happy pasta making!