Saturday, January 09, 2010

Okay, sorry for the late posting, everyone. I was waiting to check on our road conditions before officially posting about Sample Sunday. So, we are having Sample Sunday tomorrow! The sample basket is filled with 1/2 oz jars of our wonderful, moisturizing Spiced Vanilla Berry body butter - stop on by and get one, FREE!

S Avenue off Highway 210 is still closed, but you CAN get to Prairieland Herbs with only a small detour. You can get to PLH from S Avenue approching from the north. Take 210 north, turn left at the Caseys, and take the next left onto S. Avenue. If this confuses you, call (515)438-4268 and we'll be glad to verbally direct you in. (see below post for photos!)

our wonderful neighbors to the north, Picket Fence Creamery, are open as well! We're expecting a veritable heat wave - 20 degrees!! So come on out, oogle the snowdrifts, and have a great time in the country!

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