Monday, January 04, 2010

Colby, Jack and Ohio are all gorgeous 14 week old male kittens. They've been in fostercare since they were about 4 weeks old, and are an utter delight! They come from a family of six boys. Their three siblings have already gone to wonderful homes and have settled in beautifully, now these handsome boys await their turn! Colby and Jack (also known as "the cheese boys") are especially attached to each other. While they enjoy the company of all the cats (and the bunny!) in the household, they almost always choose to cuddle together for sleep, and bathe each other often! Ohio is especially attached to people and loves to pretend he is a scarf (he enjoys laying on necks and sitting on shoulders). They are all wonderful, perfectly behaved, loving kittens looking for a great home. They also have LOUD loving purrs! Their adoption fee is $65, and they are neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. If you are at all interested in adopting one of these wonderful boys, please let us know!





Tribal Horse Designs said...

they are just too cute for words

tbsomeday said...

they are beautiful!
i really love that you have been fostering--so nice to hear
as soon as my husband gets a job i will be buying from you guys for that reason! (oh, and because your stuff is awesome!)