Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday we made it to work, only to discover the power had gone out, AGAIN. So I snapped some pictures, we hung out with my mom and granpda for an hour, then headed home. Not much we can do without power. :(
All the treese were coated with ice, like this. It's hard to see, but it was really beautiful. The ice is super dangerous, yet beautiful. We had ice combined with fog, so everything seemed really surreal, sort of soft, and very quiet. out in the country the only noise you heard was ice falling. Lots and lots of ice falling off of EVERYTHING. It was strangely beautiful, I'm so glad I got to experience it.

This is what happens when you have ice plus wind. Crazy sidways icicles. :)

In this picture you can actually see the ice chunks dangling from the branches, ready to fall at the slightest movement. The ground below was littered with ice chunks (next picture).

Saturday we were FINALLY able to work, we processed as many orders as we could. During the afternoon, the fog rolled in again, for about an hour and a half we watched the world slowly disappear out the window. Then we headed home, slowly and veeeeery carefully.

Today: a blizzard! no, I'm not kidding. We are officially under a blizzard warning, Donna is reporting big drifts already. She had difficulty making it into town this morning and said the road is probably impassable now, until the wind stops and the plows can get through. School is cancelled, AGAIN. At this rate, the schoolkids are going to be in school until mid-June, I swear.

What a winter!

oh, John got some REALLY great ice pictures on Friday, check them out: Jag's Photo Blog


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