Saturday, January 03, 2009

I have posted these pics before, but someone was asking about our order packing area, so I am re-posting. We pack loads of orders in a tiny area, which is very possible - when you are organized. Our packing area takes up the footprint of a 6-foot long table. On the top of the table is a small pine shelf which holds all 5 sizes of priority mail boxes and enelopes that we use, plus padded envelopes. We also have rolls of packing tape on the shelves, plus 2 colors ofelectrical tape that we use to seal lids and bottles. The small white plastic shelves hold 4 sizes of plastic bags, used to seal and ship anything that can leak. A small organizational tray holds all manner of USPS forms. We have lots of scisscors, and pens, and our shipping scale lives under the pine shelf on the table. The file on the right holds all the organizational brochures we ship out with our products. Under the table: box of recycled/reused peanuts, box of bubblewrap, and shipping boxes to be reused. All items for any given order are gathered, brought here, and can be safely and efficiently wrapped in a very short amount of time.

This is one order. Yes, really. It would be daunting to pack if we didn't have a system in place!

Shown here is a typical days' worth of mailing boxes. Actually, it's maybe a bit less than usual. If we don't spend at least $100 at the post office every day, our postal staff gives us a hard time about how they're going to lose their jobs. :)


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

that is a great place for packing . :)

tammymommyof5 said...

great here I am

missannie said...

It looks like u guys certainly have your work cut out for you! Great things comein "small packages" and in your case "small places"

Belle said...

Wow, you all must sell a lot!
I enjoyed reading this post. You all seem to be very organized!