Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Well, the storm was not as much as was expected - HOWEVER, it did leave unpleasant and VERY Slippery layer of ice underneath a slightly less slippery layer of snow. A very bad combo. :(

I (maggie) am home with the worst sinus infection I've had in years (big huge raspberry to the germs in my head - don't they know I have better things to do than lay on the couch, feel my head pound, and blow my nose?).

So, while we recover from ice and infections, please - do go visit our friend Tina's blog - She is doing an AMAZING series on "DIY" herbal gifts for the holidays. She is just full of knowledge and creativity - I always enjoy reading her blog to see what she is up to. She is inspiring me - there is still time to whip up loads of handmade holiday gifts!!


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

hope you get feeling better!!! Tina has some awesome stuff up

fullfreezer said...

I had to walk to work today over all that ice- YUCK!!. Hope you are feeling better soon. My daughter also has the respiratory crud- I hope she doesn't share!!