Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, it's official. I've been banned from work. You know it's bad when your mother calls you and says "Keep your germy self at home. If you make me sick, I will hurt you". I'm a good daughter, so I'm doing what she says. And she is at work all by herself today, so if you order, say hi to her. :)

Meanwhile, I'm doing a bit of work from home, working on the "updating the website photos" project, and adding this new and super-cool Natural Laundry Gift Set. For only $32.50 you get a full 1 lb. bag of laundry soap, a set of dryer sachets, a bottle of essential oil to refresh the dryer sachets, and an 8 oz. bottle of body and linens mists. Isn't that just the coolest? Anyone who is interested in "going green" at home would love this set. It's available in 3 scent combos - Lavender, Patchouli, or Lavender/Cedarwood, and with our $5 shipping sale, you can have this set sent to anyone in the U.S. for under $40. I think that' s just really cool.

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

hope you are feeling lots better !!!!!!!!!!