Monday, November 24, 2008

We're getting stocked up for the holiday season. Last Thursday, I picked up our co-op order. Every other month, we get loaded up with bulk materials to make our products. A typical order is: 55 lb bag turbinado sugar, 4 or 6 - 50 lb. bags of sea salt, 8 or 12 gallons of vinegar, 25 lbs. of cornstarch, and 25 lbs of dried milk. Sometimes we need organic oats too. All of this stuff is used to make our scrubs, bath salts, milk baths, and hair vinegars. It's always good exercise - lugging that stuff from the co-op dropoff site ( a local church) to the van, then from the van to the shop or classroom. Whew. Who knew that running a herb shop required so much heavy lifting?

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