Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well. It's cold, and all the leaves are finally gone off the trees. We discovered, to our excitement, that we had BITTERSWEET!! We had planted several bittersweet plants years and years ago, and waited anxiously for them to bloom and bear fruit. Nothing. So we read...and figured, well, maybe we don't have a "boy" and "girl" (you need both sexes of plants.... and they came unlabelled at the nursery where we bought them.). So every year we've been planting one or two more plants, assuming that eventually they'd, you know, get busy. (heh). FINALLY! We have beautiful bittersweet. it is so pretty! now I've got to get out there and harvest it.

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ML said...

That is a beautiful picture.
Click on it to "biggify" as the cats say... gorgeous. You don't see that down here, at least in our part of the Texas Gulf Coast.