Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here is our beloved "Crazy", aka Karla the Crazy Soapmaker, who makes the majority of soaps here at Prairieland Herbs. She's been making soaps professionally for 8 or 9 years, and is REALLY knowledgeable about what she does. A few times a year, she teaches really rockin soapmaking classes on our farm, and we're lucky she's going to teach not one but TWO soapmaking classes this fall!
Students make and take home their own 2 lb. batch of real, cold-process handmade soap. Soapmaking is amazing - it's art, science, and alchemy all in one procedure. You take fats, oils, and lye, and end up with this amazing bar of bubbly wonderful handmade soap! Magic!Students work in pairs, and class size is strictly limited to six participants, so Karla can ensure the best learning experience for everyone. Lye safety is emphasized. The recipe you use is easy to duplicate at home - no hard-to-find or expensive oils or ingredients are used.

The first class is already halfway full, so Karla's offering a second class in November. These classes truly do fill up quickly so please register soon! (We do not charge your card until the day of the class, just FYI.)

Our friend Fae at Faerie Made Soaps has some great pictures of the soapmaking process on her blog - check it out!

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