Monday, September 15, 2008

And now, for the listing of events happening this Sample Sunday (Sept. 21st, from 12-5) at Picket Fence Creamery!

They will be sampling: Caramel apple ice cream, cheese ball, elk sticks, fresh peanut butter, Two Sisters breads and salads, fresh local salsa, caramel apple pecan butter, fresh cheese curds, Iowa wines, and of course, "the best chocolate milk this side of the Milky Way!".

*5th Anniversary $5 lunch! Brats, fixin's, chips, milk or water, and ice cream! (Kids' meal is $3.)

*For the kids - pony rides in the pasture, see the calves, hay maze, FREE kittens, pencils, and posters!

*FREE! Picket Fence Creamery 5th Anniversary commemorative gift with your

*Guest vendors - Penoach Winery, Prairie Moon Winery, Russ 'n' Franks BBQ, Watkins, and handmade snuggle blankets and wool scarves!

Super Deals: Fresh cheese curds, $3 a bag; 90% lean ground beef $3.49 lb. with 10 lb.
purchase; any large Pasquale's pizza, $4.99; fresh 1 1/2 lb. ham loaf, $5.99; fresh apple crisp and
quart ice cream, $10; 5 lb. bag local McIntosh apples for $5; and more in-store bargains!

Browse our store full of local foods from 90 Iowa families! Chemical free onions, tomatoes, garlic, pears, peaches,apples, zucchini and more!


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

It all sounds so yummy. Wish i could go too

girlwithasword said...

you and me both. We are always so busy on our own farm we never get to go to the others. boo hoo!!!