Monday, May 19, 2008

We have some new arrivals on the farm - Miniature horses! We've always had horses (or mules) on the farm - generally, a motley assortment of equines that for some reason needed a new home. I can remember a retired barrel racer, a jumping mule, and a few just plain horses and ponies. The last 2 we had, some of our long-time customers remember (and still ask about). They were old and mellow, and didn't actually want to leave the farm, so we took down the fences and let them roam at will, like really big dogs. But the last one passed away several years ago, and Donna has been waiting for the right time to get a horse or two on the farm again.

Well....a horse or two somehow turned into 3 adult miniature horses, one with a newborn baby, and the other two due to give birth!!! (The dark brown one in the top picture is due any moment now!)

Here's mom and baby. The baby is about a month old and is SUPER funny! She leaps, jumps, cavorts and generally has a fantastic time racing around being cute. They had names given to them at their old home, but, they don't seem to know them, so we're just taking some time and learning their personalities and figuring out what their names will be.

This beautiful girl has bright blue eyes!
The inter-species introductions were most humorous. For those of you that don't know, we have a total of 5 dogs that freely roam the farm, (2 are Maggies and 3 are Donnas), and a Canadian goose named Beaker that also roams at will, not to mention several (okay, lots) cats. Everyone generally gets along. Sometimes Beaker chases the cats, and sometimes the dogs chase Beaker, but it's all in good fun, no real harm is intended - it's mostly about pecking order and sheer onery-ness, I think. Oh, and Beaker thinks he is a person or a dog (we're not sure which), and does not identify in the slightest bit that he is a bird.

Anyway, most of the dogs are very large, and the horses are very small, so there was some initial inter-species confusion during the initial introduction. The picture above shows Ollie, a 110 lb mastiff mix, sniffing noses with one of the new minis. He sorta figured out she wasn't really a dog, but....the baby horse is only about 30 pounds, and prances around playfully. For the first day or so, all the dogs were trying to initiate playfullness with her in typical dog fashion - stomping paws, play-bowing, and racing around like dorks. She of course did not understand these strange motions. The baby horse thought they were really weird horses, and the dogs though she was a really stupid puppy. Everything has been resolved now, and Ollie and the baby have figured out that they can play games where she races around the pasture and he races around after; it's quite cute.


ML said...

How neat. I love the little horses. And babies! Wow are you lucky. Can't wait to hear their names.
I got to visit some mini-horses about a year ago. They lived in a barn just full of cats, all snuggled up together.
And Beaker is so funny.

Mo said...

Just found your blog through the Cat Blogosphere.
Congrats on your new mini horses!
They're so cute.

I'll have to check out your herbal site - when I opened my store, I had contemplated an herbal venture. China Bayles (from Susan Wittig Albert's mystery series) is a hero of mine.

Artsy Catsy said...

I love your mini horses ... and your whole farm and ALL your critters. It makes me miss my childhood years of living in the country, surrounded by critters and gardens. Well, I guess I'm still surrounded by critters, with a city house full of cats!

And your products are a delight - I'll be ordering your Muscle Rub right away!

& the Artsy Catsy cat staff

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

wow wow wow!! how wonderful! congratultions on your miniture horses and miniture horses to be!

mommy has always wanted to live on a farm and grow things and animals, but I think she is a little to lazy for it (don't tell her I said that!)

we're going to check out your store!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mom misses being on a farm...sometimes. She doesn't miss the hard, hard work and some of the sadness but she does miss her early mornings with the animals. She has us three kitties tho and we like our breakfast by no later than 6am, usually before that, so she's still got her early mornings with animals.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Such a wonderful visit here with you today! I can almost smell the little horses! How fun it must be to have nature at your doorstep and be so involved in all of the products you create...

Team Tabby said...

Those miniature horses are precious! We live next door to four horses, but they are 'regular' sized and very nice too. We enjoyed learning about your farm adventures. Our 'mom' tries to grow catnip - it's hilarious!

Mindy & Moe

Colby and Cheddar said...

Hey, do you have a sore throat?

Cause you sound a little hoarse! Get it?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We crack ourselves up.

Mom says those ponies are adorable!