Monday, May 19, 2008

I have been VERY remiss in blogging; I'm sorry everyone! This past week we had a few days of nearly perfect weather. Mid 70's, sun, slight breeze, no bugs - just amazing. This set of pictures was taken May 12th. Here is our little orchard - BLOOMING! It's very exciting; some of these trees are 4-5 years old, a few were planted last year, but they are all blooming and doing really well. In ths little patch here we have wild plums, chokecherries, whiteflesh peaches, sour cherries, and a few kind of apples. I'm really hoping for a great fruit harvest this year. I also planted rhubarb, and jostaberries, and hope to put in currants and gooseberies too. Also my friend Jill gave me some garden huckleberries - they're funny litle plants, they look like tomatoes (are indeed related to them), with fruits that look like blueberries. I plan to mostly use them for dyeing.

Here is Donna's woodland, looking gorgeous! This is right outside the front door of our shop, and a little to the right.

Here are the herb plants we have for sell. We sell them through the month of May, then plant what's left.

This is not in our orchard, but it's a beautiful crabapple tree with HUGE delicious crabapples. We did not have any last year, due to an untimely frost that nipped all the flowers, but the year before I made oodles of jam and crabapple butter. yum.

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