Thursday, July 19, 2007

We just pulled a few weeds, so our annual herbs are looking pretty good! Most of these are destined either for the still (lemongrass), hair vinegars (rosemary), or my mouth (basil!). :)

Here is our little Go cat. Isn't she sweet? She's graceful and muscular - a true Iowa Ditch Tiger!

Beaker is SO big! He's just fun to have around. His voice has quit breaking (mostly) so he can honk like a big goose whenever he likes! He's trying to learn to fly...he'll take off running, wings flapping, get a few inches off the ground, before he lands....and then spends the rest of the day walking around the farm, eating grass and bugs. :) He loves when we work outside and hangs out with us all day, then quietly goes in his pen with the ducks at night. What a spoiled goose!

The popcorn plants grow so FAST!!!!

Here is the rain garden Donna planted in front of the shop just last year. It's entirely prairie plants/native plants, and it's gorgeous!! She did an outstanding job, I think.

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