Wednesday, July 11, 2007

These sunflowers were actually accidents...just spilled birdseed, really, but they're one of the most cheery things on the farm right now! I was trying to explain to Toby, my 6 year old nephew, that these big yellow flowers will make the black seeds that both he and the birds like to eat. He was skeptical. :)

Here's Toby mowing! (with a little guidance from John). He sure has been enjoying helping on the farm lately...pulling weeds, digging holes, mowing, and just generally messing around. Ahhh, to be six again!

Here is Beaker! My gosh, he is SO big! He honks now! For a few weeks, his voice was breaking...he'd say "weet weet HONK" :) Now he can do "big goose" honks just about anytime! Also, he is starting to *think* about flying....he will run a few feet, then sort of take off and glide a bit, then touch down and run some more. But you know what? We think he thinks he's a dog. But our dogs think they're people, so's very confusing. But if, say, Donna leaves in the car with a dog or two, the other 2 dogs, AND BEAKER, will run after her as she drives away. And when I drive to work in the morning, I usually am greeted by 3 dogs and a goose running towards the car, full speed, to say hello! It's really all very amusing. :) But Beaker is quite happy to go into his pen with the ducks at night (He thinks they're boring, but they keep him company well enough at night). By the way, even though I refer to him as "he", we have no idea what sex he, uh, she, uh, it?? is.

Speaking of grandpas, my grandpa (Donna's dad) is here, and has been here for a few months, helping out and hanging out. (I call him Bakka, by the way, so if I refer to him as such, that's just my name for him). Anyway, he's been doing an *amazing* job of going through our back land and old farm buildings and finding old, interesting stuff to use for decoration and/or landscaping. He totally landscaped the front of our classroom using some rocks and old "stuff" we had laying around the farm. That, a bit of mulch, and a few plants, and all of a sudden it looks like someone came and professionally landscaped the barn. it's wonderful! I'll get some pictures of the other side of the classroom when he gets it finished.

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