Monday, October 16, 2006


We had our official hard freeze on Wednesday night. *sigh* I had some lemongrass, lemon verbena, and a bit of lemon eucalyptus that hadn't made it into the still yet, so I cut those and they are in the drying shed now. I'll distill them as soon as the weather cooperates. Those were the most "tender" herbs I wanted to save. I still have rosemary to distill, but it likes the cold, so it will be okay for a while! It's always sad to have the first frost come....but also kind of a relief in a way, because that means the bulk of our summer work is done!

John took this picture of a spider hanging out in our garden. We love spiders!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

usually we likes spiders too - we likes ta pounce 'em an eat 'em, but we're gonna pass on that looks big an scary

girlwithasword said...

The favorite cat "snack" around here lately is grasshoppers, ugh! (mmm crunchy, say Mo and Go!)

KC said...

o, i finks i might likes grasshopper, mmmm, crunchy. that spider looks reely sceery, don't finks we haf any likes that here in Hews-ton.

why does u likes tha sceery spider?

Down To Earth Blog said...

Unfortunately, I am a die-hard arachniphobe. However, I had a spider just like this one in my greenhouse for a while this fall. I named it Herkimer and tried my best to allow the co-habitation. One day, it just disappeared. Since then, I've killed 6 black widows in my greenhouse, so I would gladly take my big buddy back!