Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The s word

With the help of a good friend and her truck, we brought our other two hives back to the farm so we could properly care for them over the winter. I don't think the bees have made enough honey for the winter, though :(

Despite a hard frost, the Swiss chard, parsley, celery and mint remain green and cheerful.

The sky was bleak and grey earlier...and has been pouring cold rain for hours now. We expect it to turn to sn*w overnight.....


Becky said...

Bad word! Don't say it and it won't happen! ;)

Brazy Creek Farm (Brad and Susy) said...

We are all lucky to have greens this time of year! Its awesome. Winter is right around the corner, but I sure am thankful for this wonderful mild fall we have had so far!